Deb Cleary - Norcom Insurance
Deb Cleary, Insurance Account Executive, joined in 2010. She has a wide rage of experience in the corporate world, with 20 years of experience in her role.
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Deb Cleary

Account Executive

Office: 860-899-2738   |   Cell: 860-356-6303   |   Fax: 860-899-2723   |   Email:

Deb Cleary came to Norcom Insurance in 2010. With wide-ranging experience in the corporate world, she brought nearly 20 years of experience to her role at Norcom. Deb was drawn to the business out of a desire to help others: “I want to make sure that families are properly insured and will be safe with the options I provide for them. Without the right coverage, people could lose everything they’ve work for, or they may not get the care they need.” She enjoys the relationships she’s built with her colleagues, as well as her clients: “I feel like I am especially helpful to the elderly when I explain to them, in simple terms, what type of Medicare coverage they should have and how they can save money.” When Deb appeared on Better Connecticut, a local TV show, to discuss Medicare, she was astounded at the response: “I received over 75 phone calls from just being on TV for 3 minutes!” Her proudest moment came, however, when she helped her father after retirement: “He was looking at a Medicare plan that would have cost my parents $600/month. I did the research and found one with zero monthly payment. I became ‘the Medicare wonder woman’!” Deb enjoys spending time with her kids and her puppies. Her hobbies include walking, swimming, listening to music, reading, and “chasing puppies.”

Deborah Percival
(Location withheld)
“I wish all my business encounters could be with Deb Cleary! She is a delightful blend of personable and efficient. It’s refreshing to work with a person who understands her business and is ethical. Deb spent a lot of time helping me understand Medicare and our options, completed a thorough plan evaluation, accommodated my need to meet after hours, and then honestly said, “I’d love to sell you a plan, but your mother is right where she should be.”
Deb is an honorable businessperson. She has earned my trust and I hope to find a way to do business with her and Norcom in the future!”
Bob Marx
Southwick, MA
“My wife and I continue to work with Debbie because she always looks out for our best interests.  She takes the time to explain the many options available and gives us an accurate, unfiltered assessment in laymen’s terms so there are no misunderstandings.  Her straightforward, honest approach is refreshing and comforting.  We truly appreciate her exceptional service.”


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