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Transition to Fall

Transition to Fall

As temperatures begin to drop and the days become shorter, we tend to implement stricter schedules and new diets. Our motivation may increase as the carefree mentality of summer fades away. Here are some ways to help you transition your health routine into the new season:

Stay Outside:

For as long as you can, take advantage of the colder temperatures and walk outside. Just a few days a week of moderate exercise will help you refrain from indulging in the extra calories that often come with a change in seasons (think apple cider donuts and pumpkin spice lattes).

Embrace the Produce:

Summer is obviously the best time for farm stands and fresh, local, fruits and vegetables. However, fall has some great fresh options as well. Switch up your cooking to include foods like butternut squash, sweet potatoes, apples and more.

Use Your Crockpot:

The colder months tend to make us want warm comfort foods, which is why you should get friendly with your crockpot. Walking in the door after a cold day to a healthy, warm meal that has already been prepared will not only save your diet, but it might allow you extra time to exercise.

Plan Seasonal Activities:

Take advantage of the change in season and plan some fun fall activities with your friends and family. Go on a hike to see the foliage,  go apple picking at a local farm, or set a coffee and walk date with a friend. All of these activities will get you excited for the season and keep you out and active before the snow comes.

However you decide to stay motivated, remember that your health and fitness should be a priority every season.

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