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Safe for the Holidays

Safe for the Holidays

The excitement surrounding the holidays and seasonal decorations brightens the end of each year. Whether you’re an early adopter or you like to wait until the Thanksgiving feast leftovers have been finished off, most everyone has a plan for when their festive adornments grace their halls and mantles. We want to make sure everyone has a safe home by suggesting you follow these safety steps:

  1. Remember to keep outlet safety covers stashed in a memorable location when you take them out to plug in any lights. Keep little fingers in your home safe after decorations are packed away for next year!
  2. Make sure your ladder is placed securely before you start to climb and, especially if you have a tricky roof angle, have a family member or friend spot you from the bottom of the ladder. Save those wobbles for the weebles under the tree!
  3. Pay attention to the distance of decorations or gifts from any fireplace you intend to use for cozying up the living room throughout the winter months. You never know when a spark may jump onto flammable paper or fabric that is too near.
  4. Take care to ensure your decorations are pet-friendly. You know your pets best, and if that new kitten looks a little too playful, consider purchasing unbreakable ornaments or creating a lighted tree on a wall. For Chanukah, make sure you keep lit candles on a higher, off-limits surface to prevent any tail fires.
  5. Beware of poisonous plants, they make look pretty in your display but could cause issues for children or pets.
  6. Switch off lights and put out all candles before you turn in for the night. Untended electrical wires may short out to cause a fire and a candle may burn unevenly allowing wax to drip or the candle itself to fall, resulting in flame damage.

Our wish is for your safety and happiness in your home for holidays. As always, if you have insurance or safety questions, please contact us, we’re more than happy to assist!

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