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Healthy Habits: Organization

Healthy Habits: Organization

Between work, family schedules, meals to cook, finances to manage, and a list of other daily responsibilities, many of us find it challenging to stay organized. When things feel chaotic, it can lead to anxiety. This stress can sometimes contribute to unhealthy habits like eating on the go, or not having enough time in the day to work out. We’ve outlined a few helpful tips to help you feel on top of your busy schedule.

Make Lists: 

It can be as simple as keeping a note pad on the fridge, or always having a stickie open on your computer. Making lists will help you focus on what needs to be accomplished one item at a time. Instead of wasting mental energy trying to remember your tasks, write them down. You’ll feel satisfied crossing off the things you’ve gotten done throughout the day.

Break Up Big Tasks: 

The feeling of taking on a large project at work or having an extensive work load can lead to procrastination. It’s natural to want to put things aside because they seem intimidating. Instead, try to break up the challenge into smaller tasks that you can accomplish in steps. If you have a large presentation coming up, try taking one day to do research, another day to make the slides, and another day to practice and review it.

Eliminate the Clutter:

In your home, on your desk, wherever you feel like life is out of control, don’t be afraid to get rid of excess to make your life more organized. If a messy desk is keeping you from focusing on your work, then take the time to clean your space. Don’t be afraid to throw out the unnecessary items that are making your life more challenging.

Take Five Minutes:

At the start of each day and at the end of each day, take five minutes to simply get one thing off your to-do list. If you have dishes in the sink, use the five minutes to clean them. If you have clothes that need to be put away in the morning, just take the five minutes. Setting a time limit and identifying tasks that don’t require a lot of work will help you take things off your plate quickly. You’ll start and end your day with a mini sense of accomplishment.

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