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Healthy Habits: Less Screen Time

Healthy Habits: Less Screen Time

It’s almost impossible for a person to avoid screen time entirely in today’s society. We need our phones and computers for work, to communicate to friend and family, and to keep us entertained. But screen time has started to affect our health and relationships. Committing to these simple changes will help reduce your screen time exposure and create a lasting healthy habit.

Silence Notifications

By simply turning off the noise associated with your device, you eliminate the constant stream of notifications demanding your attention throughout the day. Start by turning off all social media alerts in your device settings. It will be easier to avoid screen time when you don’t constantly know there’s something to look at.

Pick a Turn-Off Time

Whether a family or individual, pick at time at the end of the day to completely turn off or remove your devices from the room. If the only reason you keep your phone by your bed is for an alarm, then buy an alarm clock instead. Picking a time to unplug will help enhance family communication and you’ll get a better night’s sleep.

Substitute the Entertainment

How many of us find ourselves looking at our phones while waiting in the doctor’s office, or waiting for a bus, etc.? Try to bring a book with you everywhere you go, or paper games like cross-word puzzles and sudoku. This will reduce the temptation to use your phone as your sole source of entertainment.

Back to Basics

Smart phones have certainly created a life of ease. With different apps and features, we can easily organize daily tasks or be distracted and entertained in a second. To eliminate unnecessary screen time, try to go back to the basic way of doing things for ordinary tasks. Write your grocery list on paper, don’t let kids watch a movie during short car rides, or ask them to leave their iPads at home during a sibling’s soccer game.

Taking these small steps can reduce your screen exposure without sacrificing the benefits of our modern devices. There’s a fine line between necessity and convenience so take time to consider how much time you really need to be spending on your phone, tablet, or computer and get back to more genuine communication.

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