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How to Create a Healthy Habit

How to Create a Healthy Habit

Whether you want to be more organized, you want to lose weight, or you want to save money, healthy habits can be hard to stick with! Understanding the science behind how to create a new habit and implement it into your daily life can really help create a new routine. Here are some tips:


Dream Big:

Abstract thinking and goal planning go hand in hand. Motivating yourself on a large scale and setting daily goals to achieve success is key. For example, if your big dream is to start your own business and make more money, what is the bare minimum you would have to do each day to work towards that goal? Maybe it’s setting aside half an hour to plan and execute. By setting small obtainable milestones and not implementing a punish vs. reward system, you are more likely to succeed in creating a new habit.

Don’t Change Your Routine:

Humans are much more likely to be successful in keeping a new habit if they don’t disrupt their normal routine. If you want to be more organized, for example, then say “when I get into work, I will make a list of ten things that need to get done.” You haven’t changed the time you get into work, or the act of going there, you simply added a small task to your otherwise normal routine.

Limit Your Options:

Some of the most successful weight loss plans include pre-packaged and pre-made meals, and there’s a reason for that. We are more likely to implement a new healthy habit when we reduce the number of choices. If you want to lose weight, then pack yourself the same lunch every day. It may seem boring, but you are taking the stress out of deciding what to eat and therefore helping to create the larger habit of being healthier.

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